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7 shocking moves the Redskins should consider against Green Bay

Redskins tackle Logan Paulsen

1) Start Tom Compton at Right Tackle. 

You don't think the Packers saw the tape on Tyler Polumbus?  Where would you line up Clay Mathews?  Good night.  Double teaming Mathews on the right side means free blitzing up the middle.  Eagles humiliation part 2.  No thanks.

2) Play those funky Tight Ends, white boy. 

Kyle should try some creative Tight End sets.  I for one was stunned how good Jordan Reed looked against the Eagles – he should have had more rust and nerves than RG3.  I think Niles Paul's speed needs to be used.  He's best on routes that get him the ball 20 -30 yards past the line of scrimmage.  Where the heck was the lumberjack Paulsen against the Eagles?  Watching Paulsen catch is like watching a grandmother handle a hot loaf of bread out of the oven. But I don't care, it really works.

(GASP! Can we say "white boy" on a Redskins site?)

Redskins receiver Aldrick Robinson

3) Aldrick Robinson bombs – not once, twice. 

And start it EARLY. A friend of mine is an expert at Krav Maga (the Israel Army martial art).  He has fought 4 thugs at once on the street on several occasions.  He told me the trick is to find the toughest member of the gang, and get him bleeding really bad, really fast to freak out the rest of the gang.  Similarly, Redskins bloodied and demoralized the Cowboys and the Eagles with bombs to Aldrick early in the game to win those two awesome games in a row last year.

4) Play the bouncer, safety Jose Gumbs, in for at least a few plays. 

He may not totally know the scheme, but a few bone crunching hits on the top Green Bay receivers will change the way they play (if they can continue).

5) Get Darryl Tapp on the field. 

I don't care how.  He tackles, he crushes tight ends, he sacks.

6) Get Helu Jr. into the screen game and line him up as a slot receiver.

7)  If the Redskins are down in the 4th, do an onside kick earlier in the game.

Unexpected onside kicks have a 400% better chance of success than expected onside kicks.  What true Redskins fan can forget how the Cowboys robbed us of a potential undefeated season with an unexpected on-side kick? (long time ago, ancient, like before the internet time).

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