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A better Dan Snyder means a better coach search. Looking for Mr. Win Right Now

Redskins GM Bruce Allen

If you are like Hog Heaven (and I know I am), you face the Redskins coach search without enthusiasm, or optimism.

"It's like déjà vu all over again." ~ Yogi Berra


Cheer up, Redskins fans. Daniel Snyder should be good at this by now.

Lets begin with the fact that Bruce Allen is large and in-charge this time. That right there is a huge improvement over the Vinny Cerrato-led search that arrived at Jim Zorn by default.

Snyderrato tried to sell as a positive the notion of a ready-made staff of Joe Gibbs holdovers and neophyte OC Jim Zorn. There were no takers. The Brooklyn Bridge would have been an easier sell.

The seven assistants still on the payroll know their Redskins futures are in the hands of the next head coach.

(Anyone else find it odd that Jim Haslett was not swept away along with Kyle Shanahan and Keith Burns? That tells us something about how the front office regards him.) 

Daniel Snyder has yet to make an appearance. That's a good thing. There is no bigger lightning rod than Snyder. Yet, he must be involved.

The Redskins cannot become a Super Bowl team until Snyder becomes a Super Bowl owner. There are three signs that he is evolving into one.

No. 1 ‒ Shanahan's departure was handled with delicacy even after the rumor campaign of the past six weeks. That's a huge improvement for the man who dismissed Turner, Schottenheimer and Zorn with adolescent petulance.

No. 2. ‒ Bruce Allen was not washed away with the Shanahans. That's a sign that the owner recognizes that his real team is in the front office, not the guys on the field. It is also the sign of organizational stability that has been so lacking on the Redskins.

No. 3 ‒ The elevation of Allen and two key lieutenants, Morocco Brown and Scott Campbell, suggests that Snyder is moving away from the football czar model he relied on with Schottenheimer, Gibbs and Shanahan.

That built-in conflict of interest left us cold.

It takes 15 years of front office experience before anyone is ready to be a general manager. It takes that long to become an authentic NFL owner. Mr. Snyder is due. Hog Heaven is cautiously optimistic for the future of the Redskins.

Looking for a coach who can win now

Snyder has given Allen his marching orders. Allen gave us hints of it in his press conference yesterday. Lets parse his words  and read between the lines.

"We’re going to try and do this as quickly as possible, but more importantly we want to do it correctly.

We are going to follow all the league rules, especially the Rooney Rule. That's why we have a built-in candidate to interview in Raheem Morris, although he is more likely to get Jim Haslett's job than head coach.

"We want to pick the right coach, the right leader for this franchise that can inspire this football team, that can lead this team and teach them the fundamentals that are so critical in the game, who understands the value of time, because in the NFL right now time is really, really critical to manage.

Fundamentals like tackling and blocking and more tackling and better tackling and special teams tackling. Oh yeah, and especially pocket passing footwork. 

"So to understand the value of that time is going to be important, and to have someone with some urgency to accomplish the goals that we’re looking for this franchise."

No more effn five-year plans. We got cap money and we want the man with the plan to effn win NOW. 2014 is our year.


Next, what Chip Kelly tells us about hiring college coaches, with help from my friend Tom Jackson of the Eagles Eye blog.

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