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A video tribute to The Hogettes, there’s more to them than you know

The Hogettes, those crossdressing men with pig noses, announced they are hanging up their snouts forever. With them passes another sign of the end of the Era of Gibbs, the good one marked by three Lombardi Trophies.

My friend Tom Shearman (Never met him. Exchanged email) published a seven-minute video profile of the Hogettes we think is worthy for Redskins Hog Heaven.

Like the name of this site, the Hogettes chose that handle to honor the offensive line that powered three teams to the Super Bowl. That made them one of the few, certainly among the first, to pick an identity not tied to the aboriginal people once called American Indians, now Native Americans, I guess. Some people have become so sensitive about the the team name.   

So here's to The Hogettes. May their legacy live as long as the memory of those fabulous Hogs, the O-line of champions.

Image: 2011, Redskins Hogettes, photo by Anthony Brown

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