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About Redskins Hog Heaven

Redskins Hog Heaven is an independent web log that covers the Washington Redskins NFL team. We were founded on the old Most Valuable Network, later MVN.com, for the 2003 NFL season. MVN was a pioneer of the concept of a network of blogs covering every professional sports teams powered by a cadre of citizen journalists.

MVN.com shut down at the end of 2009. It was sold to new owners who resurrected the site. Hog Heaven migrated to the Bloguin.com network and rebranded itself Redskins Hog Heaven for a stronger tie to the football team. We also wished to distinguish ourselves from the famous American motor cycle company and from the thousands of Hog Heaven BBQ joints around the country.

Though we are bloggers, we are not given to rants; well, maybe a few. Redskins Hog Heaven’s theme is thoughtful analysis about the Washington Redskins, the NFL and the sport of football. If we know anything about this team we love, it is to be skeptical of the hype from Redskins Park. Independent thinking is a defense mechanism.

We are fans of the team. We drink the Kool-Ade, but we don’t swallow everything. We use analysis to help readers cut through hype to real progress. Our work tests conventional thinking. All of this is to answer one question: Why doesn’t this team win more games?

Thoughts and opinions expressed on Redskins Hog Heaven are strictly those of the authors. The writers are not affiliated with the Washington Redskins or with the National Football League.   

Redskins Hog Heaven earned a FIVE STAR rating in DC Pro Sports Report’s survey of blogs that track the Washington Redskins.

Audience measurements by Quantcast.com describe Redskins Hog Heaven readers as “a heavily male, more educated, more affluent group.”  

So, who are the deep thinkers at Redskins Hog Heaven?

Anthony Brown is a freelance writer and lifelong Redskin fan. He has first hand memories of Sonny Jurgensen touchdown passes to Bobby Mitchell, Charley Taylor and Angelo Coia.

Anthony has a twenty-year background as a sales executive with the world’s largest computer technology company.  He gathered insights from many executives about success and failure in business operations and he uses those lessons to analyze moves by the Redskins. Unfortunately, Anthony sees management blunders by Washington’s front office as the main obstacle to team success. Joe Gibbs brought some improvements, but not enough of them and they were not lasting. The Redskins will not become a winning football team until the owner reforges the front office into a thinking, learning organization that makes the best use of everybody’s talents. It is boring, MBA stuff, but it works. Only then will the Redskins make better roster decisions and win titles. 

Anthony was the writer of the Running Redskins blog starting in 2004. He joined Hog Heaven on the Most Valuable Network in 2005 and he is the site administrator. Anthony is a contributing writer and editor for Bloguin’s This Given Sunday online magazine covering the NFL.

Greg Trippiedi is a long time contributing editor of Hog Heaven and frequent contributor at The Warpath Redskins forum Football Outsiders and the Pro-Football-Reference blog. He is the talent behind Live Ball Sports.

Greg doesn’t just give you Redskins analysis; he gives you scouting reports after charting plays while looking at tape of games. His deep dives go beyond the obvious to assess whether a play worked or failed because of player execution, teamwork, playcalling or the opposing team.

When you read Greg’s deep analysis of Redskins games, you know what the coaches know about the team.

Follow Anthony on Twitter @SkinsHogHeaven. Follow Greg @GTrippiedi.