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About that Redskins defensive front

“The Redskins aren’t the purest of all 3-4 defenses, because although they line up in that formation for their base packages, they do indeed use more of a 4-3 look for the bulk of their pass-rushing fronts. Their nickel package generally has Brian Orakpo and Ryan Kerrigan coming off the edge more like defensive ends, with Barry Cofield and another player lined up like 4-3 interior linemen. Judging by the sampling of plays they ran during the offseason practices that were open to reporters, I think that you can expect to see Haslett still using a variety of fronts (both 3-4 and 4-3) in an attempt to keep the offenses guessing and create more mismatches.”

~ Mike Jones, Washington Post Redskins Mailbag response to question whether Redskins should return to 4-3 defensive front.


Old football adage: It’s not the Xs & Os. It’s the Jimmies and Joes, meaning that player talent trumps how they are aligned.