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Albert Haynesworth Dissed by Vinny Cerrato
ASHBURN, VA - JULY 30: Washington Redskins Executive Vice President for Football Operations Vinny Cerrato watches practice during the first day of training camp July 30, 2009 in Ashburn, Virginia. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)


In all of Washington sports, there are but two people more despised by fans than Albert Haynesworth. Vinny Cerrato is one of them. We need not mention the other.

So it’s a ho-hum moment when Cerrato disparages Haynesworth. I’m just saying consider the source….

Haynesworth should have been Cerrato’s crowning achievement, and might have been if he weren’t doing to the Redskins the same things that made him unwelcome in Tennessee. I mean, who knew?

Asked to comment, Cerrato might have said something like “Boy, that big jerk sure made me look stupid.” To his credit, Vinny was more professional when he pointed out that Haynesworth signed his contract with the Washington Redskins, not with the 4-3 defense.

Cerrato made his remarks at the Redskins alumni Bar-B-Que, Bruce Allen’s attempt to rebuild the team’s connection to its legacy, on the last day of mini-camp. That bridge to its past fell to neglect in the Snyder era, so the team had no credible defenders when icons like John Riggins, LaVar Arrington and Brian Mitchell bashed them. When the season ticket fiasco broke last season, there was no Joe Gibbs around to cushion fan ire.

Haynesworth might have been given an honorary admission ticket to the BBQ based on his wish to be a Redskin alumnus. Short ribs might have done what a $21 million bonus check could not. 

I’m going to go light on Cerrato, though. In his place, I’m not sure how I could have controlled an irrepressible owner and kept my job. Nor I’m sure how long Allen and Mike Shanahan will be here. Danny Snyder, who is deep in a shell right now, is at his most dangerous a year or two after he hires a new coach.

Going into Jim Zorn’s second season as head coach, Haynesworth was seen as the one piece the Skins needed on defense for a deep playoff run. The coach might have preferred more young, competent offensive linemen.  It was Haynesworth who resonated with Snyder, the penultimate “me first” personality.

What else could poor little Vinny to do?