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Aldrick Robinson’s most excellent training camp

Redskins receiver Aldrick Robinson

I thought Keim's article on Robinson and Hankerson was way too critical and did not take into account the fact that Shanahan said Robinson was having a 'heck of a camp' during minicamp.  Keim said Robinson dropped a few passes.  Well, one was a long throw from Pat White, no further comment needed.  Another was actually shown on film where he was tackled by the cornerback before the ball arrived…..  Not Keim's best work.  Looks he was busy exiting the Post to ESPN.

Add to the list RG3, who when asked who was the player he was most impressed with, he answered "Aldrick Robinson."  "The way he catches in traffic now" etc.


I think everyone that talks about Aldrick forgets his play against the Bears in the preseason and his short catches against the Saints.  They all say 'he's a one-trick pony going after the long bomb.'

Robinson's growth as a receiver is one reason the team is giving him so many reps now.  I believe the other is because he's so fast, he's great for training the new secondary on the faster speed of the NFL.  If they get used to Aldrick's speed and Hankerson's length, they'll be ready for everyone.  Philip Thomas remarked already about how he can't believe how fast Robinson is.

Stay tuned – but I think Robinson will finally get some looks this season.  Just maybe – Kyle Shanahan may actually put Garcon and Robinson on the field at the same time.  Please Kyle – just try it!

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