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Alfred Morris, Aldrick Robinson, Pierre Garcon need extra attention, and that’s good for the Redskins


Redskins receiver Aldrick Robinson hauls in touchdown pass against Dallas Cowboys
Seeing that 28-3 halftime score, Redskins over the Cowboys in Dallas on Thanksgiving Day, made even the most ungrateful Redskins fan eternally thankful.   Given the anemic offense of last year, it was particularly gratifying to see the offense look dangerous in that second quarter.
I had been dreaming since pre-season that Aldrick Robinson would be the deep fly beast for RG3's long ball. To see it unfold was just incredible.  You can see much more verve and confidence in Robinson as he nailed that grab.  But there is another unsung hero in that play, and especially in the Garcon touchdown as well.
It's the Robin of Batman and Robin, that is, RG3's sidekick, Alfred Morris.  Watch him sell the fake, run up, and then come back and block.  Then watch how he nails the block to allow RG3 to hit Garcon.  There is no question that Alfred's Morris' development as a runner, blocker and every down back is a major factor in enabling this end of the season spike. (Editor's note: This reminds me of someone.)
The key to an explosive offense is to have too many "need an extra defender for that guy" players.  RG3's run threat merits safety and linebacker hesitation.  Alfred Morris' beast run's merit the same attention.  Our dream is that Garcon is back and he merits extra safety attention.  Aldrick Robinson's speed on deep routes now requires extra attention.  When these guys get extra attention, then Niles Paul is wide open for easy plays.  So are Logan Paulsen, Leonard Hankerson and Darrell Young.
It's hard to tell if Santana Moss belongs in the open group or the requires extra attention group. Perhaps both, but I'd put him in the open group for now. He's playing better ball than last year, but doesn't have the breakaway speed or power he once did. 
I would like to add one of my favorite moments in NFL history occurred during that game.  After Garcon made his stunning touchdown, the cameras show RG3 and Trent Williams embracing.  The chance of Garcon potentially being out forever if not for the season, added to the context of this special moment of true friendship amongst the players.  That's what the Hogs and Riggins were all about as Riggins himself testifies.
With free agency, huge money, Mara's vendettas served up by a puppet Gooddell, immature players that blew their blessings and fortunes, it's easy to get down on the game.  Our very own dynamic duo and great group of friends before us, remind us why we love this game.  And now, for the forces of good to enter the playoffs…….
  • Both Robert Griffin III and Alfred Morris are candidates for Pepsi Max Rookie of Week 12 on NFL.com. Cast your vote here.
  • The Redskins attempted to claim former Eagles DE Jason Babin off waivers. The NFL awarded Babin to the Jaguars based on Jacksonville's record.
  • The Redskins placed rookie ILB Keenan Robinson on Injured Reserve after he suffered a torn pectoral muscle in the Cowboys game. Like S Brandon Meriweather the week before, Robinson said he could have reentered the Cowboys game with the injury. Adrenalin can be both helpful and harmful, can't it. The Redskins filled his roster spot with three-year veteran LB Roddrick Muckelroy.
  • The 'Skins added LB Bryan Kehl to the roster one day after Kansas City dropped him. The team released Mario Addison to make room for Kehl. The move adds depth to the linebacker corps where ironman London Fletcher is dealing with a sprained ankle. Fletcher was a game time decision against Dallas.
  • The best-selling jersey in the NFL is Redskins No. 10. I don't need to speak the name, do I? 
  • Former Redskins receiver Anthony Armstrong has been signed by the Dallas Cowboys. Former Redskins RB Ryan Torain has been signed by the New York Giants.

Image: November 21, 2012 – Tom Pennington/Getty Images North America via zimbio.com.

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