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Alfred Morris meets John Riggins at Redskins training camp

Alfred Morris meets John Riggins at Redskins Traininc Camp

John Riggins visited Redskins training camp today. Redskins.com captured it with the coolest picture you will see this preseason.

Be still, my heart. 

John Riggins retired in 1985. Alfred Morris was born in 1988. Did Morris even know who Riggins was before being introduced to him? Does he have any idea why this picture excites Redskins fans? 

I make no assumptions that he did. In 2004, the Redskins had to explain to players who Joe Gibbs was and why fans were going nuts with his return.

Kids. They always think the world began the day they were born.

Riggins was once Daniel Snyder's biggest critic. He had plenty of company. All is forgiven. Now, Riggo visits training camp and ever since "The Trade," Hog Heaven refers to the man as "Mr. Snyder."

The Redskins on Tuesday finished their last training camp before their preseason game at the Titans on Thursday.