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Amateur Psychotherapy to prepare for the Redskins 0-2 start

I'm not a psychologist nor do I play one on TV.

I think most of us predicted a win against the Eagles and a loss against the Packers as we tried to tally up a 10-6 record for the Redskins season.  Well we now have to pitch that forecast out the window similar to the dumb pitch in the end zone play that Kyle called resulting in a safety last week.

I get the benefit here of writing the article, because if the Redskins lose, then I was right in my prediction.  If the Redskins win, then I was wrong, but the Redskins winning beats my being right in this article.  That's my mini-therapy.  I'm hedging my bets.

So what about the rest of you?

The key here isn't whether the Redskins lose.  It's more important to see HOW they lose.  The red flags and warning alarms went off in full last week in the season opener.  Is Orakpo going to be a one-trick, bull rush pony?  Can Fletcher stuff the run ever again?  Can anyone tackle besides Reed Doughty, David Amerson, Perry Riley and Darryl Tapp?  Are the Special Teams going to choke again?  Are even the stud blockers on the offense – Trent Williams and Darrell Young, going to blow multiple assignments again?  Is Polumbus going to block or be a hotel door man?  Can the Redskins win with a 4.6 running RG3?  Can the Redskins handle early pressure on the offense and defense?  Is Brandon Meriweather going to make it past the pre-game warm-up without a season ending injury?  Will Kyle call predictable, boring plays to start off the game?

I'm sure you can add to this list.  I recommend you do before watching the game.

In the meantime, as the season progresses, RG3 gets better, Reed/Hankerson/Robinson get better, the secondary gets MUCH better, Morris/Helu attack gets better, Cofield's hand heals and we get Baker, Jenkins back, etc.

Keep those things in mind to help ease the pain. 

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