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Bad news, Redskins fans, Brandon Meriweather OUT

Brandon Meriweather
News that Brandon Meriweather tore his ACL in yesterday's Eagles game burst the bubble of good feelings at the win over the Eagles.

Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan says Meriweather will be lost for the season. Man!


I liked Meriweather's performance against the Eagles yesterday, especially his interception. He may not be Sean Taylor, but he was a boost to the worst position on the team.

Lets be serious. How much do you expect to see of Pierre Garçon as an active receiver this year? Until he proves he can stretch a field, I say not much. If the Redskins don't beat the Cowboys and the Giants in the next two games, I think we should not see him at all. Let him get better for next year, if he promises no more showboat somersaults when he scores.