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Bobby Three-Sticks heads list of clever nicknames for Redskins heroes

Clever nicknames are a sign that our local Redskins heroes are crossing into the public realm as cultural icons. Do any of the current Redskins have a handle that rivals Capt. Chaos that shall forever be tied to Chris Cooley?

Here are a few candidates that arose with Washington's current winning streak.

Bobby Three-Sticks – Robert Griffin III. Donovan McNabb was the first to call Griffin III "Bobby Three-Sticks," not irreverently, by the way, on the NFL Network several weeks ago. Since then, it's cropped up on several other sites. Griffin goes by his full name. He was not the originator of "RG3," but he was savvy enough to trademark "RGIII" and use it as his Twitter handle. But this is sports, so that's not enough for beer-fueled chatter in sports bars. Bobby Three-Sticks could have legs, just like the player it describes.

Alfred Morris, Redskins vs. Giants
Amtrak Al – Alfred Morris.
Hard running, forward falling Morris is the new John Riggins, the most famous fullback in Redskins history until Alfred Morris. The Diesel described Riggins running style. Amtrak is just as descriptive for Morris. Mike Wise coined the term for a story published in The Washington Post this week. I wish the Redskins would allow use of air horns at FedEx Field like they once did at RFK. The train's a-coming and you're gonna be wrecked.

Capt. Kirk – Kirk Cousins. This play on words to Cousins' first name is too easy. But as long as we are using a reference to starship heroes, lets recall this dialog between Kirk and Dr. McCoy from The Search for Spock:

Kirk: My God, Bones…what have I done?
McCoy: What you had to do. What you always do: turn death into a fighting chance to live.

Applies to Cousins, don't you think?


??? – Pierre Garcon. Garcon answered all of Hog Heaven's doubts about him. He deserves a nickname, too. We're not clever about these things, so Hog Heaven nominates a placeholder nickname that combines Garcon's French-Haitian heritage with cartoon legend Savoir Faire. Readers of a certain age know that "Savior Faire is everywhere" and too damned fast to be caught.

The Redskins are young. It's stars are new. We'll track other player nicknames as they emerge.

Image: Alfred Morris, Redskins vs. Giants via zimbio.com.

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