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Both Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III want to play for the Cowboys

According to a pair of reports, Johnny Manziel and Robert Griffin III—two Heisman Trophy winning quarterbacks from schools in Texas—desire to return home and play for the Dallas Cowboys.

Over a series of Tweets this past Sunday, Peter King of MMQB reported Manziel “wants to go to Dallas” after he failed to show up for concussion treatment at the Browns facility. The center of so much drama over his first two NFL seasons, Manziel is now more likely to be released by Cleveland than play another season for the Browns.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports reports Tuesday that Griffin III—Washington’s Rookie of the Year turned backup quarterback—has similar desires.

“Sources close to each player have maintained since the beginning of last offseason that if either was cut loose from his franchise, there was a belief that Jones would be interested,” Robinson wrote. “That remains to be seen. Regardless, the same sources have told Yahoo Sports that both Manziel and Griffin have Dallas atop their preferred destinations should they become available.”

It’s easy to see why both Manziel and Griffin III would want to play in Dallas. Both players are loved within the state, as Griffin III won the Heisman for Baylor in 2011 before Manziel took home the award for Texas A&M a year later. There’s also the age and health of current Cowboys starting quarterback Tony Romo, which could open up the opportunity to play—potentially sooner rather than later. Rehabbing a lost career for “America’s Team” would be a dream come true for both players.

Also, the Cowboys’ never-ending nightmare at backup quarterback in 2015 proved the franchise needs a capable No. 2 behind Romo, especially for 2016.

The question now is: Would either player be worth it for the Cowboys?

Owner Jerry Jones nearly pulled the trigger on drafting Manziel in 2014, but he’s been a constant headache for the Browns. Griffin III looked like the next big thing after a superlative rookie season, but injuries and problems with coaching staffs created a lost 2015 season in which he didn’t play in a single game.

They both have talent. They’ve both submarined promising careers. Maybe Dallas really is the best place for Manziel and Griffin III. Buckle up for another crazy offseason with these two quarterbacks and their shared preference in a landing spot in Texas.