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Boycott the NFL and play blues guitar this winter

We all know we should have boycotted the NFL with the travesty of unfairness known as the salary cap penalty.  With the excitement of RG3 coming to the Redskins, we just couldn't control ourselves.
Now that the Redskins are one of the worst teams if not the worst team in the NFL, we should boycott the NFL in protest of the salary cap.  That means no more watching RG3 getting kneed in the groin, no more John Mara paid off refs doing incredibly weird things during games that hurt the Redskins, no more watching the horrific Redskins offensive line that is better suited for synchronized swimming than TODAY's NFL, no more bizzare Shanahan clock management and play calling, no more dropped passes, etc.
With our new found time, sadness of the lost season and our angst against slavemaster Goddell (i.e. Thursday night football – I rest my case), I would like to suggest playing blues guitar.  For those that know basic guitar and would like to dive into blues guitar, I'd like to recommend the following books:
– 21st Century Pro Method Blues Guitar by Don Latarski
– Play Blues Guitar – Jurgen Kumlehn (ok, this one is German which I do not know but it has great, deceptively simply music in it and music is the universal language)
– ZZTop songbooks.  Great stuff to play and surprisingly cool variations off simple blues themes.
– Truefire has a few nice video courses.  Mcerlain Blues Survival courses, Solo Factory Texas Blues is good too.
If you just scanned this article and did a big double take, yeah, it's another lost season.
Note to readers: The video accompanying this post is 1 hour : 16 minutes long. Hog heaven is not compensated for listed these publications. The author believes them to be music right for the mood.
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