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Bright spots from a dark day, seven good things from Redskins-Rams

Robert Griffin III, Redskins vs Rams

Instead of salvaging some of my predictions in a previous post (the winner would have 31 points; it just wasn’t the Redskins, 2 rushing TD’s, just wasn’t Alfred, and boy, the prediction that someone would hit Finnegan was too accurate for my liking), I would like to highlight some bright spots from the game.

Let’s face reality; being a Redskins fan is like repeatedly getting dumped by a hot girlfriend and still being eager to go through the excruciating process all over again.  So now that we have all been knocked off the Cloud 9 we were all on from preseason through the Saints victory, we can all focus instead on other more important things in our lives such as being broke and under-employed.

Bright Spot #1 – RG3’s deep pass.  Both throws were perfectly thrown. Another valuable piece to the arsenal.  He also showed what a threat he is in the red zone by just running the ball in.  Effective variety is the spice of an offense that produces points.  Both of these weapons force a defense to dedicate valuable resources to their prevention.

Bright Spot #2 – Alfred Morris.  89 yards including a 29 yard thriller.  He is invaluable for a team with a mediocre offensive line (well, they were actually worse than the mediocre Ram’s O-line backups).  They need to experiment a bit more with some screen passes to him.

Bright Spot #3 – no more stupid predictions of making the Super Bowl from Redskins running backs.  

Bright Spot #4 – Aldrick Robinson.  Go back to last year’s opening game against the Giants and how Victor Cruz dropped 3 passes right off his hands.  He ended up having a monster year.  The ability to consistently get open and get YAC is a LOT harder than getting over occasional drops.  Aldrick timed that long ball perfectly against the defender.  His hands are still much more reliable than Hankerson, Paul or Banks.  Give RG3 time to develop chemistry with all the receivers beyond Garcon.  I think it already shows with Aldrick Robinson.  He’ll get there.

Bright Spot #5 – the offensive line and their health.  Who would have known they would not be the first domino to fall into IR.  Lichtensteiger’s knee seems to be holding up ok.

Bright Spot #6 – now everyone knows that Josh Wilson and Richard Crawford are the only ones in the secondary that can cover anyone.  

Bright Spot #7 – the Redskins clearly have focused on creating turnovers by stripping the ball.  

Not a Bright Spot – Brian Orakpo is the fourth No. 1 Draft Pick the Rams took from us. Orakpo was Washington’s first round pick of the 2009 NFL Draft. The other three picks were used to acquire Robert Griffin III.

Let’s face it, the Redskins defense isn’t that horrible.  The Rams showed us that a hurry up offense is a major weak spot for our defense.  It’s also a great way to cover up a patchwork offensive line – Kyle – were you taking notes?  

The Redskins clearly have been working on the long pass, causing fumbles and other weak spots from last year.  What they seemed to have forgotten is that they still have to continue to work on the basics as well, day in and day out. 

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Image Source: September 15, 2012, Jamie Squire/Getty Images North America via zimbio.com.