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Bruce Allen: Redskins to draft for talent over need

Hog Heaven reminds fans everywhere that it is NFL Lying Season. But if Redskins GM Bruce Allen is misinforming rivals through the media, he is doing so by clever use of an NFL truism.

In the debate of drafting for need or drafting for best player available, football executives argue for best talent every time. Allen summed it up in a Washington Post story today.

“The draft is going to be a great way to add to the team. We’ve been active in free agency, so we feel there are no gaping holes on the roster. But as we look at our team, we really look at where our roster is in 2015 and 2016 as well. It allows us the flexibility to make sure we follow the draft board that’s been set up with everyone’s communication. We’re not looking at a particular position as we address the draft.”

Did you catch the part where Allen sees the Draft as fixing holes in the 2015 and 2016 roster? If you missed it, you should change your thinking.

Players selected in the top half for the first round should be sure-bet starters in their rookie season. The ‘Skins don’t have one of those picks.

Well-selected players from the bottom of the first round through the third round should be starters by their third year. The others should be reliable depth players in rotation for their position.

No team hits on every pick, but every team must hit on players selected from No. 1 to No. 16 overall. All the other picks are about the year after.

Do not say the Redskins have no first round pick this year. They do. With the second overall pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, the Redskins select(ed) Robert Griffin III. (Expect me to tweet that tomorrow.)

Griffin was an immediate starter. He made every part of the team – offensive line, defense and coaching — better. He led the Redskins to the playoffs as a rookie.

RG has questions to answer going into this season. He will have hell to pay if he flops. Hog Heaven does not expect that to happen. Griffin was a good pick for both talent and need.

Silliest rant today about the Washington team you love to hate

It’s ironic, poetic justice, or karma, take your pick, that the ‘Skins pick turned into the second overall this year, the very slot Washington traded into in the 2012 Draft. Some see that as more proof that the Redskins are spawn of Satan.

The Redskins are better managed since Mike Shanahan’s arrival in 2010. They have their salary cap house in order. Shanahan and Allen built a state of the art training camp facility in Richmond, Virginia. They added a practice bubble at Redskins Park. Even St. Joe Gibbs could not pull that off. They upgraded the weight room and training table, too.

The Redskins had the cap room to pounce on DeSean Jackson and the moxie not to sign him to a long-term, back-loaded contract. Jordan Reed shows star potential if he proves durable. David Amerson shows starter potential. Bacarri Rambo shows possibilities. If Ryan Kerrigan and Brian Orakpo are not elite, they are keepers none-the-less. The ‘Skins were a 2012 playoff team..

The staff at cover32.com considered none of those things when they ranked the Redskins’ front office as the league’s worst. Hog Heaven readers can safely ignore it.