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Can Donte’ Stallworth and Devery Handerson rescue Redskins receivers?

Redskins sign Donte Stallworth

Caption: Donte' Stallworth rejoins the Redskins.

I learned in the I/T business that when you upgrade one part of a computer system, you expose the next weakness in that system. That is the state of the Washington Redskins today. With fixes perhaps in place in the secondary and improved health of defensive players, the Redskins must do something about its next area of weakness, wide receivers.

Hog Heaven covered the topic a few days ago when we ranked Washington's receivers third-best in the division (see Cowboys receivers are most beast of the NFC East). That story didn't get much play among Redskins fans, although it got a lot of hits from Texas. The coaching staff is not ignoring the issue. They have made some moves.

The front office went to the local rent-a-receiver store and checked out Devery Henderson and Donte' Stallworth. Henderson spent his entire career with the New Orleans Saints. The well travelled Stallworth sold his talents to six teams, including the Redskins in 2011 (22 Recs, 2 TDs). Both players are over age 30. Both must be considered journeymen on the downward arc of their career.

Hog Heaven does not look for both to make the final roster. Nor would either of them force a defensive coordinator to game plan them. Of receivers now on the roster, Aldrick Robinson appears on paper to be most vulnerable to losing his spot to one of them.

The coaches might suspect that Santana Moss has lost a step. I have to see that to believe it. Moss turned 34 on June 1. (Happy belated birthday, 'Tana.) He has been far more productive than Henderson and Stallworth. I'd like to see him on the team for sentimental reasons  and to continue to mentor young players. Moss seems to do things the right way.

The Redskins have looked for 1000-yard receivers since the Hogs days. Sometimes, we got lucky with a Henry Ellard who found new life in Washington, or with Albert Connell who had one real hot season. The team has not had a true No. 2 receiver since Rod Gardner. Who would have thought we would miss Gardner?

Maybe Robinson and Hankerson will grow into legitimate No. 2 wide-outs. If not, Stallworth or Henderson might be stopgaps.  If both Stallworth and Henderson make the roster, we are in real trouble at wide receiver.