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Cleveland Browns outgun Washington Redskins in chase for Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III as Cleveland Brown

It must be true that great minds think alike. LaVar Arrington wrote today that the Washington Redskins are bringing a knife to a gunfight in the competition for Robert Griffin III. The Cleveland Browns have more to offer in a trade-up scenario than the Redskins do.

Arrington got his story out first, so I won’t steal much of his thunder. His main points are that Cleveland’s No. 4 pick is a more valuable offer to St. Louis than Washington’s No. 6 picks. Arrington points out that Cleveland is in the AFC and so would RG3 if the Rams do business with the Browns.

What’s more is that Cleveland has two first round picks (No. 4 and No. 22) in this year’s Draft to work with, thanks to the deal they worked with Atlanta for Julio Jones last season. That’s powerful. St.Mike Holmgren Louis won’t use both picks. One will be traded down for more picks to help a talent-starved team.

Every scenario I think of has the Redskins offering their first round 2012 and 2013 picks. That 2013 pick is no match for Cleveland’s best potential offer.

Mike Shanahan has to try for Griffin 3rd if only to keep faith with Redskins fans, but the outcome is not in his hands. Browns president Mike Holmgren has as much to say in the effort at Rams head coach Jim Fisher.

I’m not sure the Redskins faithful will be forgiving of that if Shanahan falls short.

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