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Colt Brennan, We Hardly Knew Ye
ASHBURN, VA - MAY 02: Washington Redskins sixth round draft pick, quarterback Colt Brennan #5, watches drills during the first day of mini-camp at Redskins Park May 2, 2008 in Ashburn, Virginia. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)


Time was when the very name”Colt Brennan” would guarantee 600 hits to a blog site. Most of them from Hawaii.

Brennan got the best possible news from the Washington Redskins today. They dropped him.

Hard as that sounds, it gives Brennan time to sign with another team early in training camp. Time is in short supply for Brennan who will be 27 on August 16, the age when quarterbacks with potential are already starting. Brennan was third on the Redskins depth chart and fading, tainted as a Vinny Cerrato draft pick.

Hawaii fans loved Brennan. In time, Washington fans loved him too for his infectious personality and the impression, in 2008, that he was a playmaker. His march to start was interrupted in 2009 by injuries to his hip and hamstring. The Redskins placed him on injured reserve.

Were Brennan any younger, the Shanahans might have been willing to develop him. He was unlikely to start next season with Donovan McNabb on the roster. That made it too expensive to use a roster spot on him.

Brennan never impressed pro coaches the way he impressed Hawaii fans. I blame June Jones for that. Jones is out of the NFL. So is his Red Gun offense of the ‘Nineties, even though the league is more pass happy now. Brennan did not come out of Jones’ system with the mechanics favored by the pros.

Still, we all pulled for the guy who was everybody’s favorite underdog and who had a series of weird connections to the Redskins.

June Jones other quarterback of note was Jeff George with the 1995 Atlanta Falcons. Did I just use Colt Brennan and Jeff George in the same sentence?

Brennan won the 2006 Sammy Baugh Trophy, awarded to the nation’s top college passer.

Washington released Brennan to make room for John Beck acquired by trade today from the Baltimore Ravens. Jim Zorn, former Redskins head coach, is the quarterback coach in Baltimore. So, Brennan is cut to make room for a Jim Zorn cast-off.

Now, Brennan’s football future hinges on what he learned from Zorn.