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Colt McCoy is a joke

News that the Washington Redskins inked QB Colt McCoy to a deal reminds me of a joke I heard somewhere along the way.

Colt McCoy heard screams for help as he was walking along a lake shore in Texas. He saw a woman and two little babies in a sinking boat half a mile off shore. He immediately went into rescue mode and swam out to them. First he put the two children on his back and swam to the shore. Then he swam back to save the mother.

When they got to shore, McCoy, exhausted, was surprised that the mother was annoyed at him.

McCoy said “Lady, I just swam out to your boat and saved your life and your babies’.”

“Well,” the lady said with a huff, “Vince Young would have walked on water to save us.”

Guess you had to be there.