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Cool Hand Mike (Shanahan)


Mike Shanahan, Redskins
We all know the "Cool Hand Luke" story with Shanahan and RG3.

The story of this draft was the nerves of steel Shanahan displayed by waiting until the 4th round for their safety pick of Philip Thomas and wait until the 6th round to nab Bacarri Rambo.  Cool Hand Mike indeed.

The Redskins desperately needed safeties, as everyone knew.  Yet they were able to pick up other assorted goodies along the way.  Now we all can't wait to get a "Rambo" Redskins jersey when we thought there was no way he would go after the 3rd round.

Now is the time for daydreaming about the potential of all the draft picks as well.  What Redskins fan doesn't salivate at the thought of Rambo knocking the stuffing out of Victor Cruz thereby causing another turnover?  Let's add to this daydream – it takes place near the sideline and Cruz's mouthpiece flies out and hits John Mara who happens to be on the sideline.  Then Rambo says to Mara, 'You drew First Blood.'  Ah, perfect closure…

The second story of this Redskin's draft was "First Round Envy."  A lot of these picks are boom or bust picks that should have been chosen in the 1st or 2nd round but they dropped because of injury, weed smoking, or some other issue.  I'm beginning to warm up to the idea of Amerson, Thomas and Rambo over DJ Swearinger.  It's going to take time for me to appreciate the choice of Chris Thompson over Kenjon Barner (Panthers).  That Sport's Science episode of Barner made him look like the next Arian Foster.  In addition, Thompson's medical history reads like a stunt double for Evil Knieval.  But, I trust Shanahan, especially on RB picks.  For now, I am actually more excited about Jawan Jamison at RB.

As far as rumored UDFA's, I am most stoked about landing Xavier Nixon who we all thought would cost a 5th round pick.  I'm most intrigued about WR Josh Jarboe.  If he can pull it together, he could be quite the steal.  If one UDFA becomes a future starter, that's a major coup.

Can't wait to see all these guys play!

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