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Cool stuff that happened since the Redskins’ last Super Bowl (January 26, 1992)

Super Bowl 26 logo






•   Gopher morphed to become The Internet.

•   Wikipedia was launched.

•   MySpace fell and Facebook rose.

•   Friends of Tanya Harding kneecapped Nancy Kerrigan.

•   The Western Calendar entered the next Millennium and the Mayan Calendar ended.  

Norv Turner, Redskins
•   After six seasons of trying, Norv Turner coached the Redskins to a division title.

•   Norv Turner is about to be fired from his third NFL head coaching job.

•   The Dallas Cowboys won three Super Bowls, but no playoff games since.

•   The Eagles appeared in a Super Bowl.

•   The Giants won two Super Bowls.

Cell phone in 1991
•   The cool kids in 1991 had cell phones the size of a man’s shoe. Now, the cool kids use smart phones to text.

•   Both hot news and misinformation may be found on the Twitterverse.

•   Fantasy football blew up.

•   The dot-com bubble burst.

•   Pluto was demoted to a “dwarf planet.”

•   Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee.

St. Paul, MN, Winter Carnival Ice Palace, 1992
•   They built an Ice Palace for Super Bowl 26 (I refuse to use Roman Numerals) where the wind chill factor was 30-below. The game between the Redskins and Bills was played in the Humphey Metrodome where the indoor temperature was 72°.

•   Robert Griffin III celebrated his second birthday in February 1992. London Fletcher was a teenager in Cleveland.

•   Daniel Snyder learned the fastest path to contention is to get out of the way.

•   The Redskins beat the Cowboys 28-18 to clinch the 2012 NFC East title. 

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