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Could Tom Compton be the Redskins other 6th-round steal of the Draft?


Tom Compton at Washington Redskins training camp
The Redskins promoted sixth round draft pick Tom Compton from the practice squad to the 53-man roster yesterday.

After several 'Gumby' hits on RG3 this year, many of us wondered how the Tom Compton project was going.

The Redskins have been fortunate this year with their offensive line as far the injury bug goes.  Last year, the injury and suspension bug hit the O-Line hard and took the Redskins literally off Guard.

This year the injury/suspension bug hit the already weak secondary like a category 5 hurricane.  We also found that all it took was one hit to Orakpo to wipe out the Redskins pass rush.

Like pundits plotting the Redskins' wish list for next year' Draft and free agency, we place Right Tackle at the top of that list.  Clearly, everyone realizes that Jammal Brown's hip-hop is over and that Tyler Polumbus will never come anywhere close to the level of Trent Williams.

Enter Tom Compton – a hard working, big fish from a no name school (South Dakota) that no self-respecting talent scout would give the time of day.  Sounds a bit like Alfred Morris already….

In the pre-season, Compton looked OK, but was blown away by top tier defensive ends and their spin moves.  Compton barely budged as the ends spun by him on their way to pummel the QB.  You could see Logan Paulsen's hair flying from the breeze.  I believe that allowed the Redskins to sneak Compton onto the practice squad without being poached (until now).

On paper, Compton has around the same numbers as Trent Williams as far as speed, agility and strength, and that is truly freakish and scary.

The big question now is whether his promotion was simply a tactic to keep Compton from being poached and he is in line to be the Right Tackle/ Left Tackle first back-up OR is he next year's (or the year after) starting Right Tackle?

Outsiders like me have no clue except for the words of Mike Shanahan.  He said that Compton 'has a BIG-TIME future with us."  Sound familiar?  Shanny said those same words with only one other player this year, Alfred Morris.  I for one don't believe he would say this about a future bench warmer. 

Let's hope Compton is the answer at Right Tackle giving Redskins cap room to fill up:

1. Safeties; 
2. Cornerbacks;
3. Another monster pass rusher (we are way too vulnerable hinging the entire defense on the health of Orakpo);
4. A real kick returner.

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