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Danny Smith, Todd Bowles, Hue Jackson in In The Coaching Hunt. Russ Grimm?

John Fox, new head coach of the Denver Broncos, may be casting an eye on Danny Smith to join his staff as special teams coach. Smith held the same role with the Washington Redskins since 2004 when Joe Gibbs returned to the team.

NFL Analyst Jason LaCanfora (@JasonLaCanfora) tweeted “But Smith did not sign an extension with the Skins and would be a free agent. Would be the makings of a strong staff.”

Redskins return specialist Brandon Banks (@bbanks16) “If I lose Danny smith as my special coach I’m gonna go crazy and that’s a fact!!!!!” and later ” Danny smith gave me my opportunity!!!! He went to battle for me when it came to a decision!”

Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan said last week that he intended to keep his staff intact. Maybe Smith will be subject to a bidding war for his services. Happy New Year, Danny.

Former Redskins cornerback Todd Bowles (1986-’90, ’92-’93) is in the mix for defensive coordinator of the Dallas Cowboys according to a story on nfl.fanhouse.com. Bowles interviewed for the Cowboys head coach position, though it was an open secret that job would go to Jason Garrett. The Cowboys Blog at dallasnews.com says Bowles would remain with the Miami Dolphins where he is the DC and assistant head coach.

Former Redskins assistant coach Hue Jackson is on-hold as Al Davis decides whether or not to name him Oakland Raiders head coach. Jackson is credited with sparking the Raiders offense and some reports have him putting a coaching staff together, but the team won’t confirm that an interview has taken place.

Jackson will have his hands full if he takes the job. Neither Mike Shanahan nor Jon Gruden pleased Davis who dumped both of them prematurely. Both would go on to win Super Bowls, including Gruden’s win over Davis in Super Bowl 37. What chance does Jackson have?

And what chance does Redskins Hall of Famer Russ Grimm have for the top spot? Grimm was back on the head coach radar after he was elected to Canton. His name figured in openings at Carolina and Buffalo. The Panthers picked Ron Rivera instead and Grimm withdrew his name from Buffalo.

So why can’t Grimm get a head coach sniff? Wooddriver at Gridironfans.com writes in Grimm Reality “Despite two NFC West division championships and a SuperBowl appearance during his tenure, Russ Grimm has done little to improve his resume since arriving in the desert. In fact, the Cardinals offensive line has only become worse. The Cardinals rushing game has virtually disappeared since his promotion to running game coordinator. Statistically, the Cardinals offensive line has never been better than they were the first year Russ Grimm arrived.”

There’s a part of me that wants to shout, hey, it’s the Cardinals. I don’t follow that team well enough to know if this guy has a point. He says the Cardinals assistant who deserved a HC position already has one–Todd Haley, Kansas City Chiefs.

We like Big Russ around here and hope he gets his shot somewhere.