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DeSean DeJour and Gruden’s Upcoming Year

Story contributed by Scott Hirsch.

Let’s get straight to the point – the Redskins bringing DeSean Jackson on Monday is a brilliant coaching move.

Let’s put aside the hope that if they offer him a contract, it better have an “Aaron Hernandez” proof clause.

What this move shows me about Gruden is that he’s willing to react to the market and not get overly stuck his plan.  But the best news is that it shows that Gruden gets RG3’s strengths.  Imagine RG3 buying 7-10 seconds with his hyper-speed scrambling ability and his great arm strength and combining that with Jackson scorching down field.  This is a defensive nightmare.  Check out this play and imagine Jackson is on the field:

(notice how the offensive line is having a coffee break mid-play except for Trent and this was the ‘good year’ for them in 2012)

Jackson would also be a great mentor for Aldrick Robinson who as I said will start peaking in 2015 and will surprise many this upcoming season.  Robinson doesn’t have the hands, the route running or the juke ability of Jackson (though I think he has even faster straight line speed).

I’m sure you remember that every deep pass to Garcon was a total failure the last two seasons – it’s not his strength.

The big downside of this (outside of Jackson’s bad boy potential)  is their commitment to Andre Roberts as the second receiver.  But they made that commitment with Jackson not being an option, so I hope they had the foresight to make it on condition.  Another issue is the bigger gamble with the injury bug with smaller receivers, Jordan Reed and potential increased role of Chris Thompson.

Another note about Gruden – that he recently said he has ‘too many’ offensive plays – after years of predictive play calling from the Shanahan’s that was better (plaid) suited for the 1970s NFL, it’s going to be a pleasure to watch a Redskins game for once and not know every play before it happens.  With a quick release throwing plan and finally a screen passing game, it’s going to be a good year for RG3.

Gruden sent a message loud and clear to RG3 – that he is dedicated to RG3’s success.  If DJ signs elsewhere because he is too $$$, doesn’t matter, Gruden has already won.

I have the Redskins going 7-9 or 8-8 and no playoffs right now.  Let’s see if the draft and other signings and cuts push them up or back.