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Did the Redskins get the Redskins Rule wrong?

I could say – purely as a joke – that the Washington Redskins couldn't even get the Redskins Rule right. Voters reelected Barack Obama to the U.S. presidency. That was supposed to happen only if the Redskins won their home game against the Carolina Panthers. And they should have beaten a one-win team at home, but I digress.

Time to add a Massachusetts Corollary to the Redskins Rule. It does not apply when the challenger is from the Bay State. Hat/tip to my friends at DC Pro Sports Report for pointing that out to me.


Hog Heaven is mildly surprised by the outcome, given the Redskins Rule, but very surprised by how quickly the results were known. I was prepared for an all-nighter. The networks called the election before Midnight Eastern Time.

The election wasn't nearly as close as the media suggested. It was pretty much an Electoral College landslide – Obama 332, Romney 206. The Obama/Biden ticket won 278 Electoral College votes in 2008. 

News people cover these things like sporting events. 


The consensus of responses to my tweet is that the NFL Network would do the better job covering politics as a sporting event. I don't know. We are speaking of Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin whose thoughts go no deeper than the most recent play.

God blesses America. May He continue to do so. This is a good time to remind everyone – voters, Republicans, Democrats, and especially Redskins players – that we set our own destinies. Now, go do it.

Can we all just get along?" ~ Rodney King