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Does Kim Khardashian have the hots for Robert Griffin III?

Kim KhardashianWell here’s a minor tempest worthy of a slow Sunday afternoon. Kim Khardashian asked a lot of predatory questions about Washington Redskins quarterback draftee Robert Griffin III.

TV  producer Jack Burditt told the story on the Rich Eisen Podcast on the NFL Network.

Khardashian’s celebrity radar spied Griffin III on Draft Day at an airing of 30 Rock and picked up that he was someone worth knowing. She pumped Burditt for info about Griffin’s contract and team. Burditt had to explain who the “Redskins” are. (Khardashian admitted she does not follow football.)

Redskins delight in bashing Tony Romo, blaming the appealing eye-candy that hangs out with him for his post-season fails with Dallas. Trust me, Dallas’ playoff problems have more to do with Cowboys players than Jessica Simpson.

Khardashian lurking at Redskins Park is a circus train RG3 should miss. New players will hear about distractions at the NFL Rookie Symposium, though the league will not mention the Khardashian sisters by name.

Life is a big circle. Burditt’s story closes the loop that Griffin opened last Winter when he visited The David Letterman Show. The skit was “the Top Ten things that went through Robert Griffin III’s mind when he won the Heisman.”

No. 1 on that list? When will Kim Khadashian call. Never, if the future Mrs. RG3 has a say.


Point after

More proof that RG3 has star quality. Lets hope it doesn’t go to his head.

We are only human. How could Hog Heaven or any blog pass up the chance to mention RG3 and Kim Khardashian in the same story?