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Does Robert Griffin III’s “Pop Rocks” top Clinton Portis Southeast Jerome?

Sometimes, stories just write themselves.

Robert Griffin III and the new Mrs. III posted a rap video on Griffin's Facebook page. Griffin is disguised as a space alien accompanied by fly girls Rebecca Liddicoat Griffin and a person said to the Liddicoat's sister.


Pop rocks and Tootsie Pops? I hope the young man is brushing his teeth.

The old fart in Hog Heaven would have been unprepared for this if we had not already been exposed to this

Clinton Portis characterand this

Clinton Portis characterand these.

Clinton Portis characters


It's tough to compare stars of different eras. Clinton Portis, with the right coaching and nutrition, could have set one of his many personas to rap if he hadn't created them on the fly in season. RG – I'm on a first name basis with him – posted his during the offseason the day after he married Mrs. III.

Because he had nothing better to do. 

Portis created his characters during the Redskins' 2005 playoff run. Redskins fans hope RGIII's rap video presages the same for this season. 

We know of course that amateur talent has nothing to do with winning titles. Malcolm Kelly taught us that.

Kelly's on field performance, when he was on field, never lived up to his freestyling promise. Since then, the Redskins have drafted more Cornhuskers than Sooners. Pure coincidence, I'm sure.

None of these young guys can touch the 1986 music video Redskins players created to thank adoring fans. They used the term "12th Man" to described fans before the Seattle Seahawks co-oped it. 

Robert Griffin III was't even born when the Redskins made this video. Portis was five years old.

How many of you recognize those players without Googling them? I can.

Does that video make me seem old?