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Everyone tries to bait DeSean Jackson into flaming the Eagles

The latest example came on the NFL Network’s Total Access last night.

The question: When you line up against the Eagles, are you ready to show them they made a mistake?

“I think about that every time I step on the field, especially with the legacy I have in Philadelphia and the things I’ve done for that organization. I left back a lot there, but I have to take it to D.C. now where we’re out here in Washington and I think there are some great players in addition to myself with Pierre, Santana, J-Reed, Alfred Morris, so the list continues.

“Here we have a group of guys that’s young, that’s energized, and that wants to win. And two years ago they won our division, so they’re familiar with that, but when that game comes, all I’m going to say is I’m going to do my thing and I’m going to put up what I need to put up. So I ain’t going to give nobody no extra things to talk about, but you know I’m going to do what I need to do.”

~ I’m ready to turn it up against the Eagles

Redskins fans hope so.