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Everything Robert Griffin III does this week is important, even silly sandwich stuff

Robert Griffin III at Subway 1

You write a football blog and you get on mailing lists of public relations staff and marketing professionals of teams, media companies and prediction sites. You take a guess at what your readers want to see and go with it. Or not.

Lindsay Walker of Catalyst Public Relations sent me and the rest of the sports world, apparently, images of Robert Griffin III’s promotional tour at a Subway Sandwich Shop in New York, part of his magic pre-Draft week in the big apple. But, the email arrived just when I decided that Hog Heaven had been overindulging in RG3 fluff stories and needed to kick the habit.

Who knew that the story about a bust of Griffin III sculpted from sandwich meats would blow up so big? Without football significance or historical connection to analyze, Hog Heaven missed the moment.  

So we are a day late on breaking the story. To avoid being a dollar short, we are publishing all of the images we received. Meanwhile, we wonder what the official pizza of the Washington Redskins make of this? Ad space on Griffin’s sox could be had for a reasonable price.

Robert Griffin III at Subway 2 

Robert Griffin III at Subway III 

Robert Griffin III at Subway 4