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Fans worry about Redskins-Patriots and how to beat them. Mike Wise strikes again.

Optimism about the Redskins this year slipping with every Patriot’s play. Haven’t read any final stories yet, but boy, it sounds like the same old issues.

RHH: You so funny.

RG will be the RG of 2012 and it will be wonderful.

The Redskins were streaky good when RG was wonderful.

Sometimes the Redskins were terrible when RG was wonderful.

When RG was terrible and the whole team stunk.

Kyle is doing to Johnny Football what he never did to RG, insist Johnny earn his starting role. This made sense in 2012 and more sense in 2013.

Kyle is gone. Jay is here and RG still has never gone through a quarterback competition.

THIS is the first season when RG should be the presumed starter. Like he was Brady.

See? We caught up.

…to be continued Thursday night.

Hey redskins, I have a question. How do you plan to get into the head of Tom  Brady because that will be tuff? I suggest u lay back first quarter, then in second rush tom then in third play man and finally in fourth play cover two. All game. plz respond.

RHH: WHOA! Slow down, cowboy. (When I say “cowboy,” I don’t mean that like it’s a slur or anything. I understand that you are a real fan with feelings and not a “cow,” or a “boy,” or live in Dallas. Two years ago, everyone knew that and I did not have to explain. These days, I cannot presume that you know that expressions are just figures of speech.)

Anyhow, nothing about Thursday’s game is real. Brady may play three minutes of live football before he is benched. Tommy actually did play a full quarter in preseason game one last year. He completed 7 of 8 passes for 1 score and a 140 passer rating. Laying back on Brady just sounds dangerous, especially with our secondary. It won’t do any good anyway because Brady will be on the bench after the Patriots’ first score. Your plan might terrify Ryan Mallet, though.

In the second half, you will see our threes against their threes in a survival death match for players who will not be on either team’s roster in September. Preseason Game Three against the Ravens in Baltimore (Aug. 23) will be our closest simulation of a real game. The starters may play for a half, or longer if the coaches think they are sloppy and need more work.

The 2013 Redskins won more games in preseason than in regular season. I still cannot figure out how that happened.

Still, real football, even fake preseason football, beats replays.

Time to admit: The area’s NFL team belongs to Virginia. ~ Mike Wise

RHH: Wow. It takes real talent to write a headline about the Washington Redskins and avoid both “Washington” and “Redskins.”

Wise as much as told the D and the M in “DMV” not to bother submitting bids for the next Redskins stadium because they are not, um, “Confederate” enough to win. Not like those narrow-minded bigots in Ol’ Virginny.

I read only enough to get the gist. What I read is vintage Mike Wiseguy, though. He has tweeted to Native American parents that they did not care about Native American children because they were fans of the team who supported the team name. (It is not clear to me that he knew they were Natives.) He has sent mock-you tweets to Redskins fans accusing them of racist notions they did not have, then mocked them for denying those notions he insisted they held because of their support of the team name. Thus encouraged, he now takes a swipe at his employer’s entire geography. DM for not kissing up to Daniel Snyder enough. V for doing so too much.

The time will come when even Washington’s largest newspaper (See what I did there?) will see that Mike needs to be reined in.