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First thoughts on the Redskins’ upcoming draft; it’s not that important to 2014 season

This story contributed by Scott Hirsch

Last year’s draft was far more important for the success of this season than this year’s draft will be (good news – it was a good one minus Jamison).

A lot of what happens this year’s draft depends on how the following relative newbies look this Spring  ̶ Tom Compton, Phillip Thomas, Keenan Robinson, Bacarri Rambo, Chris Thompson, Josh LeReibeus, Adam Gettis, Jarvis Jenkins, Leonard Hankerson, Niles Paul.

Assuming all of the above look fantastic (not realistic), here is the draft order I project by round:

2) Tight End (if Jace Amaro falls to 34, they have to take him) or Right Tackle  or dominating Nose Tackle/Defensive End

3) Right Tackle or Tight End

4) Middle Linebacker that can cover and make interceptions

5) Catching Running Back/Return man or tall Wide Receiver

6) Defensive End that can pressure the QB

7) Cornerback or tall Wide Receiver.

No Safeties because it’s a bad draft for Safeties and because people need to chill out and realize that Rambo and Thomas are going to be good, please give them some time.  I was astonished at Rambo’s progress when the Redskins played the Broncos last year.

We’ll see how the reports come out from training camp as time marches on to fill in other blanks and priorities.  One player Gruden has not signaled changing that I have questions about is Darrell Young.  Young is an excellent blocker and has good hands out of the backfield.

The problem with Young is that you are getting a player who is healthy only around 6-8 games a year  That makes him very expensive on a per play basis since he isn’t going to be in many plays in the new offense and if he does play, he injures quickly.  He probably wins the Miles Austin award for bad hamstrings.  Maybe he should get some treatment from Laron Laundry’s ankle specialist.