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Flacco vs. Kaepernick in tortoise vs. hare Super Bowl holds lessons for the Redskins

Joe Flacco, Baltimore Ravens
The folks at Super Bowl 47 Betting think the game is a battle of quarterbacks. They love that Joe Flacco "has been building a very respectable career for a half-decade," the tortoise to Colin Kaepernick's hare.

Tell you what; I think Tony Romo is a better quarterback than Flacco. Don't twist that into a Hog Heaven knock on Flacco. Romo plays for a deeply flawed team. I've been more impressed by the front office of Flacco's team than by Romo's team for quite a long time. And yes, the Ravens would have had more Super Bowl appearances with Romo. I offer no guarantee of a Super Bowl win with Romo.

Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome spent his entire career with the franchise, first as a Hall of Fame player for the then Cleveland Browns, then joining  front office in 1991. After grooming him for the job, owner Art Modell named Newsome general manager in 2002. Newsome has been a Draft Day genius for the Browns-Ravens for a long time. He was equally adept at hiring a head coach. 

There's a lesson in that for our own Daniel Snyder. Hog Heaven studied Newsome's career for clues when Snyder might grow into a legit football executive. Growth to general manager is a 12 to 15-year process. Snyder bought the Redskins in 1999 and began active management in 2000. By that measure, Snyder is just about due to become a good football executive.

For all the talk about quarterback, the Redskins cannot become a Super Bowl contender until Snyder becomes a Super Bowl caliber executive. Dan Steinberg reported in DC Sports Bog Wednesday that Snyder fired Vinny Cerrato for failure to protect him from Jim Zorn. Sorry, Mr. Snyder. That won't cut it. An owner's prime focus is his front office executive team, not so much the head coach or quarterback.

Cerrato needed help from Snyder as much as Snyder did from Vinny. Teamwork between owner and the chief football executive are how contenders are built. It's the reason the Ravens, Patriots, Packers, Giants and until recently the Eagles, are perennial contenders. It's more than a matter of quarterbacks.

Sadly, Snyderrato fed each man's flaws. Snyder was as much to blame for Zorn as Cerrato was.

Snyder's recent hands-off active management is a good start in the sense that do-no-harm is a good start. But, that's not a good finish. Genuine teamwork between Snyder and executive vp Mike Shanahan will sustain winning.   

I love the Redskins and want to see another Super Bowl in my lifetime. Washington has its quarterback (ask me again in September). Now, I'm pulling for Snyder to get it right as an astute owner. I think he is on his way, at last. He just needs one or two more years of seasoning.

Super Bowl or Bust in 2015.

Image: Joe Flacco vs. Cincinnati Bengals, December 29, 2012, John Grieshop/Getty Images North America via zimbio.com.
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