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“Fred Davis has a thing for Asian women”

Fred Davis, Redskins tight end

Is there no end to the excitement and glamor of the life of a football star?

The civil trial of Washington Redskins free agent tight end Fred Davis and Makini R, Chaka came to a head in a D.C. Courtroom today. You recall hearing about this last Summer when Davis and Chaka squared off in a preliminary hearing where each represented themselves.

Media and fans had a field day with that one. Few people cared that Davis won that hearing. Both sides were represented by council at the trial on Monday. As in our last exciting episode, character assassination was the order of the day.

Chaka is suing Davis for $350,000 for ruining her business … and her boots. Chaka says Davis assaulted her at Josephine Nightclub and Lounge in a 2011 incident in D.C.. Davis claims to have been a victim of a prior assault by Chaka. 

"Celebrity broker" Chaka said that news of the incident revealed in the June 2012 hearing led to the loss of clients. Stewart Prince, a witness for Davis, described Chaka as a "Madam/Pimpette," but refused to name names of hostesses Chaka allegedly tried to recruit, or of athletes and celebrities she served. The judge struck his entire testimony.

Chaka and Davis were acquaintances, not involved in a relationship. As Chaka explained it, "He has a thing for Asian [women]."

Davis denied assaulting Chaka in the manner she described. However, the incident was captured on video and it was presented at trial. (This is a civil, not a criminal, trial.) 

A suitable story for Judge Judy, don't you think? The real judge will render her verdict at some point in the future according to the story on washingtonian.com.

Hog Heaven enjoys stories of young men reaching emotional maturity. The process for Fred Davis is unusually entertaining. One lesson he knows by now is, "they are out there, waiting for reckless young men blessed with public adulation and a fat wallet." "They" not necessarily meaning Ms. Chaka.

If Davis gets dinged for learning to pick his associates better and learning the high cost of athlete retaliation, it will be money well spent and easily replaced when the Redskins re-sign him.

There was a false story circulating this morning that Washington indeed signed Davis, but it hasn't happened yet. Mike Shanahan has said he wants Davis back, but may have thought better of saying anything on the day of Davis trial.