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Garcon: Redskins offense could be best ever … in his life

Redskins wide receiver Pierre Garcon

It is a Hog Heaven mantra that we drink the Redskins Kool-Aid…


…but we don't swallow everything.


Pierre Garcon's assertion that Washington's offense could be the best ever merely reflects his youth. He was not around when legendary teams ruled the Earth.

The Redskins' offense was very very good last year, but not close to the Greatest Show on Turf in 2000 or to the 1983 Hogs team that set an NFL scoring record that stood for 15 years.

Most people, especially young people, have a sense that the world began the day they were born.

Washington's fifth-ranked offense in yards was better than any offense Garcon played on in Indianapolis in part because Garcon had a better year in Washington than he had in Indy.

I will climb into Garcon's head to write what I presume he meant to say, that this offense has the potential to be the best of his his career. He might have divulged an unconscious comparison of Peyton Manning to Robert Griffin III. 

Hail to that.

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