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Good thing Robert Griffin III held that passing drill in Waco

Hog Heaven had every intent of closing the week on a positive note with the story that Washington Redskins receivers were joining Robert Griffin III in hot, humid Waco, Texas, for a players-only practice to refine the passing game. That would have been the perfect close to the week to balance funny, yet so sad tale of Fred Davis and his court adventure.

Mother Nature intervened last Friday to bake the Mid-Atlantic region at100 degrees to be followed by Stormageddon that knocked out power to one million households served by at least five electric utilities. The best guess is that Hog Heaven World Headquarters will be back online before 11:00 PM Friday, July 6. Nope, that’s not a typo.

Whether by happenstance or good karma, Griffin and the receivers were fortunate to be out of town when they were, because DC is shut down for awhile.

I’m doing this quick post on a borrowed PC at a relative’s air conditioned space, with no clear idea of our return. Thankfully, this is the NFL dead zone. Bear with us, folks. We will be back as soon as Pepco gets us there.

Meanwhile, here’s the link to the Washington Post story about RG3’s passing camp attended by Pierre Garcon, Santana Moss, Anthony Armstrong and others. News that Fred Davis was there is a nice close to the week that began The Washingtonian Magazine story about his court hearing. It ended well for Davis, but was embarrassing none the less.

How bad must the “embarrassing information” be for that guy to try to extort $500,000 from RG3? That’s the question for Redskins fans. What would it take for long-suffering fans to turn on Griffin III?

I’ve been around for more than 700 full moons (do the math) and am well past concern about anyone’s teen-age indiscretions. The smear would have to involve pit bulls or be Sandusky-level felonies. Nothing, absolutely nothing we’ve learned in our first impressions of Griffin suggest that is remotely possible.

Meanwhile, Griffin III made a favorable impression on LaVar Arrington at the NGL Rookie Symposium. 

Weigh iin if you have a different opinion.