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Hari Kiri, Redskins style
John Belushi, Samari
OK, we all know the Redskins imploded for about 3 quarters of their opening game.
The 4Ts of destruction were all there – tackling, turnovers, time of possession and time management (is it just me, or does the pace of the Redskins 2 minute drill look like they are old men shooting 9 holes of golf?).
The real question is whether something is off with the Redskins that make us wonder if the Redskins are capable of ever lifting the Lombardi trophy.
Is it an offensive line that can totally cave in at important times?  Is it RG3 who because of the extreme media exposure he gets and his youth, makes it too difficult for him to keep his cool in big games? (last night and he choked against Dallas the last game of last season but Morris saved the game)  Is it that RG3 was milked by the Shanahan's until injury and since now they will play it safe, the Redskins reign is over?  Is it the Redskins coaching?
I think the Redskins will improve, but this game brought to the surface many of the suspicions we have been nurturing into this season.  Time will tell.
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