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Haynesworth: Too Many Chiefs On ’09 Redskins
Albert Haynesworth Signs With The Washington Redskins


Big Albert Haynesworth was interviewed on Sirius XM Radio by Adam Schein and Rich Gannon today. The story was picked up by several outlets, but Dan Steinberg focused on Haynesworth’s observations about the team’s dysfunctional leadership. Steinberg’s summary appeared in his DC Sports Bog post a few hours ago.

Says Haynesworth, “We had too many chiefs and not enough Indians.” Ouch. Can you say that about the Washington Redskins?

Haynesworth compared the Redskins to his old team, the Tennessee Titans, where owner Bud Adams was rarely seen on the property and everybody reported to one chief, head coach Jeff Fisher.

As we fans are sadly aware, the 2009 Redskins had an offensive coordinator who did not call plays in deferrence to head coach Jim Zorn who designed the offense only to give way to an offensive consultant who later called plays for the game plans designed by Zorn. Got that?

Haynesworth pointed out that the coaches called short yardage offensive plays (no pun intended) in long yardage situations. Either Haynesworth or Steinberg could have pointed out that Washington’s O-line could not protect the quarterback long enough to setup third-and-long calls.

But 2010 could be different. Big Al thinks the Redskins will be run like a “normal” team with control firmly in the hands of the head coach and the GM.

It all makes for interesting stuff that you can read in full at the DC SportsBog.

I like the angle, mostly because I’m a history buff at heart. You know, what can we learn from the past so we don’t repeat the same mistake again? (To err is human. To repeat the same mistake is inexcusable.)

Other Redskin bloggers made more about Haynesworth working with his personal trainer and his thoughts about a 3-4 defense and his role in it.

They also make good reads. Go check it out. We’ll be here when you get back.