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Hog Heaven endorses Giants receiver Victor Cruz for Madden ’13 cover. Help us out.

Victor Cruz, Madden cover
Round three of the Madden 2013 fan vote is open until April 11. Victor Cruz is the only NFC East player still alive in the election.

Hog Heaven endorses Cruz in this election and calls on all loyal Washington Redskins fans to vote for him in his campaign against 49ers LB Patrick Willis.

Cruz is a wide receiver for the rival New York Giants, co-owned by John Mara, chairman of the NFL Management Council. Mara is the newly emerged nemesis of the Redskins who said Washington was lucky not to lose Draft picks instead of $36 million of salary cap in the NFL sanction against Washington. The league punished Washington for its treatment of player contracts during the no-cap year. The Redskins referred the matter to arbitration.

The Redskins swept the Giants last year, the shock of which motivated the G-men in their successful Super Bowl run. You would think Mara would be grateful. But, nooOOoo (to channel John Belushi).

Cruz opened his run for the Madden cover by crushing Redskins LB Brian Orakpo, 82% to 18% in the first round of fan voting. Orakpo was the only Redskins player selected as a candidate for the Madden cover. Fortunately, he lost early. Now he is shielded from the Madden curse.

It’s not too late for Beast fans to vote Cruz for the honor. Lets get the Madden curse to work in our favor.

We need all the help we can get. Click here to cast your vote.

Point after

Orakpo’s selection as a Madden candidate might mean that his football colleagues might have voted him as a Top 100 Player of 2012. Last season, Donovan McNabb was the only Washington player selected as a Top 100. By then, McNabb already had his ticket out of town.

Sadly, the assessment by pro players brought home to Redskins fans, some for the first time, the light regard held by opponents for the team’s roster.

I have doubts about Mike Shanahan’s coaching, or that he puts the best 11 players on the field at any given time. However, I like his offseason moves, even restructuring player contracts under the no cap clause. He has only made three mistakes, but all were massive fails.

He kept Albert Haynesworth when he should have dumped him.

He dumped Jason Campbell when he should have kept him.

He should have burned Vinny Cerrato’s list of hints and tips about Albert Haynesworth and Jason Campbell instead of reading it.

The NFL Network begins airing this year’s Top 100 Countdown late this month.