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Hog Heaven Mobile Response: wide receiver answers for the Redskins

Josh Morgan, Washington Redskins




We need now to assure RG3 a big wide receiver to throw to. Yes defense wins games but if you can't produce points after the defense makes a stand you can't win either we need a Larry Fitzgerald type receiver. What's the plan for that????/

The Redskins drafted versatile TE/WR Jordan Reed and signed four UDFA WRs last week. One of them, Jason Thompson, is 6-3, 190#. We learned from Malcolm Kelly the folly of projecting receiver performance from the man's height.  The real answers are for:

  •  Leonard Hankerson to be the receiver we expect him to be,      
  • Pierre Garcon to to stay healthy all year,
  • Josh Morgan to step up his tough clutch performance of last season.
Hey  i am really excited about the up coming season looks like the skins had a good draft.  Any info you have would be appreciated. ~ Tim McMurrin Thanks for the comment, Tim. We will do our best. This is a good time to point out that Hog Heaven is not "an insider." Journalists are insiders. They have sources and can originate stories. Hog Heaven is a blog site. We try to explain what it all means. Thank you for reading Hog Heaven.

Redskins.com: WR Thompson intriguing big-bodied target.

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