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How Are Fred Davis And Trent Williams Any Better Than Ndamukong Suh? They Aren’t.

Fred Davis

I cannot think of any reason to think better of Washington Redskins TE Fred Davis and LG Trent Williams than of the Lions Ndamukong Suh. Can you?

Suh came in for league-wide condemnation for his public loss of control in Detroit’s Thanksgiving Day game against Green Bay. Suh was caught head bashing and stomping Packers player Evan Dietrich-Smith in a scrum after the play ended. It’s football. We know something went on between those two during the play. Lack of personal control earned Suh a two-game suspension and deprived the Lions of his services in the loss to the Saints. He will miss Sunday’s division match against the Vikings.

The NFL has not issued an official statement, but it is reported everywhere, including NFL.com, that Davis and Williams were caught using recreational drugs. There is room for mirth here, toot their own horn, taking a hit for the team, stay off the grass, seaweed diet (see weed…). What do a bad football team and a pothead have in common? They both get blitzed.

But, it’s not funny. All of the bad points in Suh’s story apply to Davis and Williams. All three were warned, yet they persisted. All three were guilty of colossal stupidity. Davis and Williams are the only two of 11 players detected using pot (pending the NFL’s announcement) to be suspended because they are the only two to take another bite of the apple after the lockout when the season started when they should have known they were being watched and eventually caught.

Suh will return for the season to help the Lions chase down a playoff spot. Williams and Davis will not be there for the team and their fans for the rest of the year. The Redskins, technically, are not out of the playoff race, but the team is not deep enough for a “next man up” solution to work in replacing its most important lineman and its leading receiver.

Ndamukong Suh is my favorite player who is not a Redskin. Davis and Williams carry the hopes of Washington fans for the future of the Redskins. I’m about done with these guys, even if they stay with the team.

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