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How many times will Gruden recall the day he met RGIII at his quarterback camp?

Jon Gruden had his first up-close look at Robert Griffin III during his Quarterback Camp series for ESPN. Gruden is part of the announcement team for Monday Night Football where he gets his second close look at Griffin and the RG3skins vs. the New York Giants.


Gruden already gushes about Griffin III. I can't wait th hear what he says Monday night, but I expect him to wear the sox Griffin gave him during the QB Camp show.

Since the Redskins are not playing Sunday afternoon, we thought this to be a good day to take a second look at the 24-minute video of Grudens Quarterback Camp featuring RGIII. We are posting this from YouTube. Hog Heaven won't begin to guess the copyriht issues here. We suggest you watch the video quick before ESPN discovers it's there.


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