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How Mike Shanahan made Hog Heaven’s head explode over Kirk Cousins and Pat White

Redskins QB Pat White

The Redskins have four quarterbacks on the roster Pat White causing Hog Heaven's think to short circuit.

Mike Shanahan's call to retain Pat White scrambled Hog Heaven's thinking about quarterbacks. To show what we mean, here's a quick list of previous Hog Heaven stories about Cousin's future.

Last April, we laughed at national media types who thought White gave the Redskins more options to seamlessly replace Robert Griffin III without altering the RGIII offense. They thought White would make Cousins immediately expendable. We thought they were accusing the Redskins of stupid quarterback tricks with a player who was out of football for three years. Now here we are giving those concepts some credence.

We weren't certain last May exactly when RGIII would be available to play. We suggested Week Six, after the BYE, as the ideal time. It was inconceivable that the Redskins would move Cousins as long as that appeared to be the case. We thought the 'Skins would try to find a new home for him before the end of his rookie contract. A 2014 trade would help the team offset the last of the first-round picks given up to get RGIII. We didn't foresee White on the 2013 roster then.

Then in August, Hog Heaven contributor Greg Trippiedi reminded how Mike Shanahan the storyteller created the illusion that Jay Cutler was a hot quarterback prospect, so much so that teams scrambled to offer players and high value picks to acquire him. Greg makes the case that Shanahan is doing the same with Cousins right now. Could Cousins be destined for an AFC team?

We are analysts here. We try to draw rational conclusions based on situational facts. Trading Kirk Cousins now isn't anything Hog Heaven advocates, but it would not surprise us either. We are prepping you for the possibility.

The Redskins will not go into October with four quarterbacks on the roster. Something has to give. That "something" could be that the Redskins simply release White to make room for Jarvis Jenkins' return. Cousins and Griffin III are the only quarterbacks with trade value and we know RGIII ain't going anywhere. 

Exploring all the possibilities and making the best of them work out is a GM's job. Shanallenhan would be remiss if they were not thinking all this through.

Whether the 'Skins convert a fourth-round back-up to a starter quality right tackle or game-breaking receiver, or keep a top quality back-up for another year or two is win-win for Washington.

It is nerve-wracking, though. 

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