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How the Redskins may fall into the Eagles’ trap

The Redskins burst another bad habit last weekend with a win over the Browns in Cleveland and while being led by back up quarterback Kirk Cousins. So often in the Norv Turner – Daniel Snyder era, Washington played up or down to the level of the opponent, beating Super Bowl contending Packers one day, then losing to a two-win team the next.

The Eagles game is not a must-win game. (Every game is "must win.") The Redskins can make the playoffs even with a loss. But a loss costs them control of their future.

It's hard to read the mindset of the Eagles. Their season has flamed out, but NFL teams want to go out with a flash. Beating the Redskins today, or the Giants next Sunday would be a feel good moment for a team destined to be blown up by next Draft day.

Does Washington know how to keep up its intensity for a team like Philadelphia? The Eagles will test them today. The Eagles are a trap. Beware.

The three stats worth watching point to a Redskins win.

QB Passer Differential
Redskins QBR 103.6, Opponents 89.2, Differential +14.4
Eagles (Nick Foles) QBR 77.6, Opponents 95.7 Differential -18.1

Hog Heaven thought it best to isolate Foles' passer rating from that of the team. It was a wasted effort because Foles' performance was not far off from Michael Vick's number (79.2). Of all the evils to beset the Eagles, none was so devastating as the season long injuries along the offensive line; more anecdotal evidence that the O-line causes 51 percent of the success of any team.

Advantage: Redskins

Turnover Differential
Redskins +9
Eagles -7

The football world "discovered" the Redskins defense since Washington's win streak began at the Bye. Yet, the Redskins have forced turnovers all season long. The biggest factor in the differential, however, is that the Redskins simply take care of the ball. Bobby Three-Sticks and Capt. Kirk have a mere seven INTs between them, and the Redskins haven't lost any fumbles. A good offense makes the best defense.

London Fletcher and DeAngelo Hall lead the Redskins in interceptions with four each. Rob Jackson has three. Jackson, Ryan Kerrigan and Madieu Williams each scored off of interceptions.

Eagles rushers LeSean McCoy and Brice Brown have lost three fumbles apiece.

Advantage Redskins

Third down conversions allowed
Redskins 44%
Eagles 40

This one stat shows how well the defense makes stops. The Redskins aren't very good, but the Eagles are not much better. The inability of Philadelphia's defense to grow from last season to this is one of the great mysteries of the universe. Careers will be ruined by it.

Advantage: Eagles

The Magic 8 Ball don't lie, but it will break your heart


The Hog Heaven Magic 8-Ball called the correct outcome for the last six games. That's 6-0 since I started asking the question "Will the Redskins win."

Alfred Morris could break the Redskins franchise rushing record set by Clinton Portis in 2005.

Portis rushed for 1,516 yards that season. Morris has 1,322 yards with two games to go. Portis scored 11 touchdowns in 2005. Morris has eight, so far.

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