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How to throw the Notice Software app for a loss on Hog Heaven

Hog heaven mobile app The Hog Heaven mobile app is a marvelous piece of software technology. It’s also a pain in the dark side with frequent repeated alerts of stories we posted days ago. The app is the only thing about Hog Heaven that people complain about. I know. I am copied on your messages to Notice Software, and I have complained myself. 

Here’s how to turn it off.

  1. Open the Hog Heaven app on your mobile thingie
  2. Find the task bar. It shows “news,” “search,” “topics,” etc. The task bar is along the bottom of the screen of my Android 2.3 mobile. (Since posting this story, I’ve heard this does not work the same for iPhones/iPads.)
  3. Click on “settings
  4. Uncheck ALERTS.

This is my homegrown solution. I did not get it from Notice Software. You may continue to get Washington Redskins news from Hog Heaven through the app, but, now you have to click on the app to come back to our site.

We apologize for the nuisance this thing has caused.