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I Am Quoted In The Washington Examiner

Hey, I’m quoted in The Washington Examiner. Only, they got my name wrong.

David Sherfinski’s story Redskins rake in the cash despite on-field mediocrity was published September 3, 2010 and appears online at www.washingtonexaminer.com.

“Michael” Brown (that would be me) is quoted in the article:

“I’ll always hope for the best for this team whomever is coaching it or is on the roster,” he wrote for Bleacher Report, an online sports network. “I just don’t think Snyder earned the right to a direct transfer of my family treasure for every game, including exhibition games, at full price.”

The quote comes from my story Why I Resigned As Redskins Season Ticket Holder posted in March 2010 on Redskins Hog Heaven and syndicated to Bleacher Report.

Bloggers work for validation, so to be quoted by established media is high pay indeed. Just be sure to make the check out to Anthony Brown next time.

Point After: Dropping my season tickets was not my only protest against Danny Snyder and football stupidity. I refuse to buy replica jerseys of big name stars brought to the Redskins until said star leads the team to a division title, at least. Yes, that includes Donovan McNabb for whom I hold great admiration. I don’t want to reward the quick-fix behavior that has vexed the Redskins in Snyder’s ownership. I’m more likely to buy a Rocky McIntosh or Robert Henson jersey because those guys grew up with the team. They are ours.

Think I’m holding a grudge? Snyder made the right move by bringing in Mike Shanahan and, finally, hiring a GM. The Danny has done that kind of thing before with Schottenheimer and Gibbs. It’s not what Snyder does when he’s been rebuked by fans. It’s what he does a year or so later. The real test of how changed Snyder is won’t come until 2011 when the Skins may be close to being a real contender. That’s when the Danny has made his worst moves.

So I’m not surprised that Snyder is keeping his head down now. Lets see what he does when Shanahan has this thing turned around.