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Introducing your newest Redskins, David Amerson and Jordan Reed (Video)

North Carolina State defensive back David Amerson


It should be clear that the Redskins drafted Amerson for the same reason they re-signed DeAngelo Hall. Amerson is physical and forces turnovers. He fits Washington's defensive scheme. Like Hall, Amerson can be snookered when he jumps a route.

For all you fans who get over-excited by the spectacular, we remind you of the three functions of the secondary.

  1. Make stops.
  2. Defend the pass.
  3. Force turnovers…

in that order of priority.

Jim Haslett likes to bring the heat, sometimes with a safety or other defensive back. In that case, the rest of the secondary has to be very smart in man coverage, or by taking the correct angles in the zone. De Hall is who he is. Amerson may be coachable in that way. Raheem Morris and Hog Heaven hope so.

Hall is under a one-year contract with the Redskins. Amerson looks like a possible replacement if Hall departs in 2014. 


One last point about Amerson that could be petty. Any player who wears No. 1 on his jersey loses points with me. College coaches make such promises to lure a prospect to his team. Play like the best and we'll all know you are No. 1. Billboard it on your jersey is too much megotism. That's partly why I'm more excited about…

University of Florida tight end Jordan Reed


Jordan Reed plays with a fluid motion that triggers your imagination. I am sure the coaches Shanahan are calculating creative uses for this versatile receiver. 

Receiving is in his genes. Jordan Reed is the brother of Ravens WR David Reed.

But first, Reed has to develop as an NFL receiver. That's not a sure thing. We are still waiting for Leonard Hankerson to develop as a front line receiver. The Devin Thomas-Malcolm Kelly experience (both second-rounders) still stings.

So here's the question. Can Reed develop as a tight-end receiver faster than Niles Paul develops as a receiving tight end?

On Redskins.com: Notes on David Amerson and Jordan Reed. Go take a look. We'll be here when you get back.

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