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JaMarcus Russell, Randy Moss and Redskins Rumors

The Washington Redskins don’t need any more controversy so they divulged that they worked out free agent quarterback JaMarcus Russell today. The story on Redskins.com did not mention that Washington also looked at free agent quarterback J.P. Losman, ex of Buffalo, and a dozen or so other hopefuls.

The Redskins take a one week hiatus for the bye and that’s when teams typically look over free agents who might be able to backfill for depth should an active roster member be lost to injury.

Russell drew interest because of his name value and because of the controversy around Donovan McNabb.

I hope the Redskins looked at running backs, wide receivers and linemen in today’s group.

As for Losman and Russell, if the Shanahans hoped to use them as a veiled threat to McNabb, next time go for someone who is, you know, threatening, like Jeff Garcia, or Jake Plummer.

Problems would ensue if Washington signs Russell.

Randy Moss

It’s official. The Minnesota Vikings waived wide receiver Randy Moss today. That news hit the Bloggosphere yesterday, but Moss’ name appeared on the NFL waiver wire today (Tuesday). Naturally, the Redskins appear on the short list of teams that would vie for his services.

Nothing official about that from Redskins Park. Coach Shanahan mumbled something about looking at any player who could help the team win.

So we rely on rumor-mongers like Adam Schefter to speculate where Randy-man may go. Here’s his list presented in reverse order by won-loss record:

Cowboys, 1-5
Redskins, 4-4
Rams, 4-4
Raiders, 4-4
Bears, 4-3
Dolphins, 4-3
Jets, 5-2
Pats, 6-1

The team with the worst record has priority to pick up Moss. The Cowboys get first shot, but I’m not sure why they are on this list. They are plenty talented at wide receiver. Their problem is that they have not focused on winning. I’m not pointing to lack of effort. Lack of concentration is their issue.

The Redskins, Rams and Raiders each need a big time wide-out. Which team would be willing to sign Moss to a contract extension right now? Moss has said a lot of eccentric things lately, much of which seems to be how much he misses the Patriots.

Something is going on in the mind of Moss. Whatever it is, it’s weighing him down. He has 22 receptions and five touchdowns for the year; 13 receptions and two touchdowns in four games with the Vikings. That’s low for Moss who caught 83 passes for 13 touchdowns in 2009.

Where ever Moss lands, that performance won’t necessarily follow. There’s no question about talent. The man is just in a bad place right now. Moss is as unlikely to help the Redskins this year for the same reasons Vincent Jackson would not have. Reason No. 1 is that I don’t believe he will land here.

I have a hunch, Moss will return to the Patriots, who would get their player back along with the third round draft pick the Vikings traded to get him. It’s just how Bill Belichick rolls.

Randy Moss joining the Redskins smacks of a Snyderrato move. If that happens, we can start wondering if Dan Snyder really is hands-off running the team.