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Jerry Jones Is Coming To Washington, And He’s Bringing Pizza

It’s Cowboys Week and interest in Sunday night’s Washington Redskins-Dallas Cowboys game is at an all-time high. Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth pumped the game at every opportunity last night on Thursday Night Football.

Not to be outdone is the official pizza company of the Washington Redskins that’s promoting Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and Redskins owner Danny Snyder–a kinder, gentler, smiling Danny Snyder–in a commercial of the product. The ad is so good that it’s destined for viewing at that new high def big screen at FedEx Field.

(Hat tip to SuperSkins Defender for pointing me there.)

How times have changed. Commercials featuring owners rather than players or coaches, albeit the two most recognizable owner faces in the NFL. Not as funny as the first one of these deals I ever saw. Tom Landry surrounded by Redskins is still my personal favorite.

Point after: Not compensated for posting this video, but open to suggestion. No small animals were harmed in creating this post. Does not apply to Tony Romo.