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Jets’ Woody Johnson is the new Daniel Snyder, laughter follows


There's a new sheriff in town and his name isn't Daniel Snyder.Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Johnson

Hog Heaven readers know we respectfully refer to the Redskins team owner as "Mister" Snyder ever since he went along with Mike Shanahan's blockbuster trade to position the selection of Robert Griffin III.

Fans in other places take an occasional potshot at Snyder, but that has become rare as Washington's playoff prospects has improved, and as New York Jets owner Woody Johnson fills the void vacated by Snyder.

While researching a story about the Jets mess, I came across this piece that posted to NJ.com last October:

"The Jets have taken 21 players since 2009, tied for lowest in the league, and not one of them has reached a Pro Bowl, something 19 other teams accomplished during that stretch. Only one, defensive tackle Muhammad Wilkerson, has shown potential to become a star.

"It’s not just the draft, either. Tannenbaum is the one who insisted, after the Jets missed the postseason last year, that the Jets locker room is 'filled with' guys like Victor Cruz, the undrafted free agent who became a star with the Giants."  

Bloggers wrote the same of the Redskins for most of this century. Yes, Virginia, there was a time when Snyderrato paid too much for other team's stars, traded away middle-round Draft picks, let contributing players walk away to playoff teams, yet somehow overvalue the talent on the bottom half of the roster.

Nobody recalls the Albert Haynesworth signing, but Johnson's decision – yes, it was Johnson's, not head coach Rex Ryan's – to trade for Tim Tebow was s dumber idea than the Redskins signing Haynesworth. The Redskins had a plan to use Haynesworth, at least. It must be clear to everyone who watched the Jets-Titans game last night that New York had no earthly idea what the heck to do with Tebow.

Who needs to talk about Mr. Snyder when you have Woody Johnson to laugh at?